• Welcome Parents and Guardians!


    Thank you so much for visiting my page! I will use this page for any updates, important reminders, and resources for parents. Please also use the remind to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. 

    Important Information:

    • Student Page: It is so important to always keep our minds active and engaged. A fun way to do this is to use online sites to practice our math. Please have your child spend time visiting my "Student Page" at home. There will always be videos, games, and worksheets posted there!
    • Attendence: Students are expected to be at school each day. If they are sick, they should bring in a doctor's note the following day.They will be expected to make up any assignments they miss while absent. 
    • Uniforms: Students are expected to be in uniform each day. Dress down days will be announced by phone blasts, notes home, and on my webpage. If their is no notice of a dress down day, please send students in uniform.
    • Thursday Envelopes: Each thursday, students will bring home important notices. Please review these notices and send back anything that was to be signed. 
    • Homework: Students recieve homework on Monday- Thursday. There will never be a time your child does not have homework. Please check to see that homework is done correctly. This is an important time for students to review learned skills. My homework is always posted in the Homework page on my website. There is also links to the online workbook on my website in case students forget them at school. 
    • Multiplication Practice: It is also so important for student to practice their multiplication facts to increase their fluency. It is the expectation that students will come in the fourth grade with complete fact fluency. You can practice multiplication facts in the following ways
      • Using flash cards
      • Listening to multiplication songs (My favorite is the Multiplication Mashup)
      • Rewriting Facts over and over on paper
      • Playing and creating games using the multiplication chart
    • Learning Page: There is a page on my website entitled learning page. Students can use this page to look at anchor charts from the classroom and watch videos about our current topics. This might also help parents trying to assist students with homework!