• Help Middle Schoolers Manage Their Homework

    Help Middle Schoolers Manage Their Homework

    In elementary school, your child only had one teacher to answer to, and she was likely to remind the class of a book report coming due while assigning that night’s math problems. Middle school, of course, is an entirely different ball game. Suddenly your student has a whole host of teachers to answer to, none of whom are necessarily aware of the others’ homework loads. And that’s when your child may drop the…er…ball.

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  • How to Get the Teacher On Your Side

    How to Get the Teacher On Your Side

    How to Get the Teacher On Your Side
    Here’s how to help your teacher help your child.


    Your child must have her teacher’s dedicated support for the school year to go well. But how do you get the teacher, who most likely has 20 to 30 other students, to give her the extra attention she needs? As with any relationship, there are ways, and then there are ways, to get what you ask for. These strategies will go a long way toward winning the teacher over.

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  • How to Talk to Your Child About Bullying

    How to Talk to Your Child About Bullying

    One of the best ways to prevent your child from being bullied or from becoming a bully is to open up the lines of communication. However, adolescent children can be difficult to communicate with.

    At this age, children are beginning to separate more from their parents and they turn to their peers for guidance and support. Unfortunately, peers aren’t always the most helpful when bullying is going on. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry estimates that about half of all children are bullied or exposed to bullying at some time during their childhood. The only way to know what your child may be going through is to start communicating.

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  • Keeping Kids Safe Online

    Keeping Kids Safe Online

    If your child is surfing the web, you need to be paddling right alongside him — or at least observing carefully from the shore. While the internet offers goodies galore (educational materials, fun games, and connections with people all over the world), it can also pose risks to your child's physical safety and emotional well-being.

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