Mr. Ollie Agosto 

    Mr. Agosto

    Email:  agostool@orange.k12.nj.us

    Phone Number:  973.677.4135 Ext. 5600


    My name is Oliverto Agosto Jr., and it is a great privilege to be one of the assistant principals of The Orange Preparatory Academy. I have served the Orange Community as a district supervisor, high school assistant principal, elementary school assistant principal, and dean of students for almost ten years. Now I am genuinely excited to be at OPA.

    Our school and the Orange Public School District through the combined efforts of students, staff, parents and the community are committed to the providing an environment of care where all students are expected to grow and succeed academically and socially. I will do everything humanly possible to uphold and help strengthen this commitment.

    Educational philosophy claims that our schools' mission is to shape students into "active and productive members of society." However, I believe that there is more than that to our schools. I believe that our students should be happy to come to school. I think that our students should feel safe and protected in school. Not only should we prepare them for higher education but we should prepare them for life. This preparation includes the ability to teach themselves and find the appropriate resources and become active problem solvers.

    Finally, I believe that our students need to grasp that we are not alone in this world. I believe that we have to continue to teach our students the importance of working together, developing common goals, and making group sound decisions.