• Textbook:  

    World History and Geography 2018.

    Global Studies Overview:

    The events that shaped our modern world are complex and never finite.  The purpose of this course is to examine and create an understanding for the cultural, political, and economic contributions of the “non-western” world.  This course will have its roots in early human history and go on to cover: The Middle-East, Asia, Africa, and South America.

    Required Materials:

    • 3 Subject Notebook
    • 1 Marble Notebook 
    • 3 Ring Binder 1" or more
    • Blue or Black Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Highlighters, Sharpeners
    • 1 Pocket Folder
    • Internet/Computer Access/Smartphone/Tablet)
    • Student Google Account ****Remember your Password or Reset It***
    • Remind App on Smartphone/Tablet
    • OPTIONAL: This is entirely voluntary out of your generosity! 1 Box of Tissues (If you have allergies, please contribute. It is only fair.)

    Classroom Rules & Expectations:

    • Arrive prepared and on time
    • Be respectful of your fellow student’s opinions. Everyone has a voice to be heard.
    • Be in your assigned seat and ready to work on the Do Now when the bell rings.
    • Homework/Projects are due at their assigned time unless changed by the teacher.
    • Follow directions the first time they are given.
    • This is a beverage-free classroom.
    • Students will use language that is appropriate for the classroom,
    • Students will not touch another student in anger or in jest,
    • Students will strive to be an active learner in the classroom.

    Levels of Discipline after an Infraction has been Made:

    • Non-verbal cues
    • Verbal reprimand
    • After-school detention
    • Telephone call home to parent.
    • Behavioral contract tailored to the student.
    • ODR form to and student sent to administration (with a possible conference with parent)


    1. 25% Tests
    2. 20% Quizzes
    3. 20% Classwork (journals, logs, assignments, tasks, demonstrations, skill application).
    4. 25% of Authentic Assessments (portfolios, performance assessments, projects).
    5. 10% Homework (including long term projects, essays, research papers).
    6. Unexcused Lateness to Class
    7. Three (3) late to class infractions constitute one day’s absence in that class.  Repeated acts of cutting class and unexcused late to class infractions may result in failure of that marking period.  Failure for excessive cuts and/or lateness is subject to administrative review by the principal.