Grade 8




    1. Supplies Needed


    All students must have the following supplies: 1) one subject binder or notebook specifically for History class; 2) Lots of pens (blue or black); 3) Folder specifically for History Class. 4) Over the ear headphones. 


    The following supplies are optional, but highly encouraged: 1) Colored pencils, crayons, or markers; 2) Scissors; 3) Highlighters


    1. Areas of Study: 1) America Transformed (1860-1914), 2) Modern America Emerges (1880-1920), 3) Depression, War and Recovery (1919-1960), 4) Tensions at Home and Abroad (1954-Present)

    1. Grading

    Grading is broken down in accordance with the District policy:

    10 % Homework

    20 %    Quiz

    20 % Class Work

    25 %    Tests and Exams

    25 % Authentic Assessments/Projects

    1. Classroom Policies and Procedures
    • All virtual assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. Paper assignments will be given out in class. All students are responsible for completing and handing in work on time OR turning in work to our Google Classroom page by the due date posted. Students who are absent from class are still responsible for completing the work that they missed. 
    • Students are responsible for coming to class on time and prepared with the required class materials. Students are responsible for taking neat and organized notes during class. Students who are absent are responsible for getting the notes they missed from a classmate or myself. 
    • Students who are absent for an extended period of time due to excused medical reasons will be given the length of time they were absent from class to make up for their missed assignments.
    • 10 points will be deducted for each class day that a group or individual project is late. 
    • Students who are absent on the day of the test or quiz are expected to be ready to take the quiz upon return to the class. 
    • Extra Help will be provided every day after school from 2:50-3:05 PM in Room 204.
    • All students are required to join my Remind group. The code to join is: ___________________.
    • My e-mail address at school is schulzke@orange.k12.nj.us. My cell phone number is available to any parent/guardian upon request. Please contact me with any questions or concerns that you have throughout the school year!