• High School Pre-Calculus


    Instructor: Samson Gandepudi Planning Period: B day

    Email: gandepsa@orange.k12.nj.us Classroom #: 235

    Phone #: 973)677-4050 Ext. 5100


    Parents are encouraged to contact me regarding any questions or concerns regarding your child in my class. You can reach me at my email address or you can leave a message at 973)677-4050 Ext. 5100. I will do my best to return emails and/or phone calls within 48 hours.


    Course Description:

    Pre-Calculus, as its name indicates, is designed to prepare you for Calculus, either in high school or college. Topics include understanding algebraic and polynomial functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, and conic sections. Students will also study applications of trigonometry, trigonometric identities and equations, mathematical induction, and the concept of limits. In addition to content mastery, the course goals are to further develop students’ problem solving and critical thinking skills. The difficulty level of the material increases significantly throughout the semester. Students should be prepared to be challenged and work hard. Students are encouraged to form study groups with peers, practicing beyond daily assignments in an effort to master skills. Technology will be incorporated throughout the curriculum.


    Course Objectives:

    1. A Review of Fundamental Concepts of Algebra – real numbers, exponents, polynomials, etc.

    2. Functions and Their Graphs – linear equation, shifting, reflecting, stretching graphs, etc.

    3. Polynomial and Rational Functions – Quadratic functions, polynomial functions, etc.

    4. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions – Exponential graphs, Logarithmic graphs, etc.

    5. Trigonometry – Radians, degree, sine cosine functions, inverse of trigs graphs, etc.

    6. Analytic Trigonometry – fundamental identities, trigonometric equations, etc.

    7. Additional Topics in Trigonometry – Law of Sines, Law of Cosines, etc.

    8. System of Equations and Inequalities – solving systems of equations, multivariable linear system, etc.

    9. Sequences, Series, and Probability – Sequence and Series, the Binomial Theorem, etc.

    10. Topics in Analytic Geometry – Lines, ellipse, hyperbolas, parabolas

    11. Limits – limits, brief concept of derivatives, etc.