• Second Grade Expectation Policy



    · Homework should be returned to school each day in your child’s homework folder so that it can be reviewed. Please note- Homework does count towards marking period grade.


    · Homework will consist of Language Arts, Math, Spelling, and Science/Social Studies per night and will be written in their planner.


    · Students need to read every night for at least 20 minutes.


    · Students must arrive to school on time by 8:15AM or by 7:45AM if they wish participate in the breakfast program.


    · Students must wear their approved school uniform each day unless otherwise stated.


    · Students must come prepared to school each day (pencil, eraser, homework, planner, etc)


    · Students must complete all classwork in a timely manner


    · Students must follow all classroom and school rules while on school property.


    · Students must leave all toys and electronic devices at home. Any toys will be taken and not returned until a parent/ guardian meets with teacher.


    · Only healthy snacks and water are permitted in school.


    · Always work hard and come to school ready to learn! We look forward to a successful school year!


    · If you have any questions/concerns about these expectations, please do not hesitate to ask your child’s teacher, an administrator, or refer to the RPCS Student Handbook.