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    March 2017


    April 2017

    LOOK WHO TOOK A BYTE in April 2017!


    Keisha Ashe
    Special Education
    Autistic Teacher Grades 4-5


    Tech Tool:   Poetry Month Resources for the Classroom

    Title:   Autism Awareness and Poetry Month 

    Subject:    Language Arts

    Grades:   4th-5th


    Lesson Plan

    Essential Questions: What is your Bio? How do you use your five senses?

    Objectives: Students will write a Bio-poem and a five sense poem.

    Activities: Teacher will give students a template with sentence starters and pictures of the five senses. Students will write words that describe what they smell, see, taste, feel, and hear. Students will write a Bio-poem. Students will state their name, 4 traits about themselves, someone they are related to, their favorite food, something they care about, and their favorite color.

    1: Students will be given sentence starters

    Resources: http://teacher.scholastic.com/poetry/

    Standards: EE.W.4.3, EE.W.4.5, EE.W.5.3, EE.W.5.5