• Cleveland's Student Bloggers
    2016 - 2017


    Hello Everybody and Welcome New Cleveland Bloggers!

    I am very excited to introduce you to ten new students who are starting their first BLOG.  They are 2nd graders and their names are Aniyah, Erick, Journey, Noelia, Trezon, Kimberly, Serena, Helene, Adriana, and Jayden. They are enrolled in the Afterschool Academic Academy for ELA/Technology.


    Everyone knows a BLOG is like a journal, or diary, that writers share their thoughts.  The big difference is that it is posted ONLINE for our classmates, teachers, and family to read.  We're going to be writing about lots of things, we're going to be sharing our stories and sharing our experiences.  Blogging also increases reading comprehension and literacy learning skills - but that's happening behind the scenes. 

    So come back from time to time to see how we're doing.......and read about what's on our minds.

    Over and out!
    Ms. Martin

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    Cleveland's Student Bloggers
    2015 - 2016 


    These awesome students I am seated with are members of the After-school Academic Academy for Technology.  We started blogging last November 2015,  so we are still novice at it.  At this time, we are using our blogs as our platform to express ourselves, to have a voice and speak our minds, share our hobbies and favorite things, and learn about new things and about each other!  I invite you to check out the individual student blogs and leave a comment or a supportive remark! Go to 355cleveland.edublogs.org and select their avatar on the right. I bet you'll be impressed.  Thank you!