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    Welcome to the Hispanic Heritage Celebration Page
     Thank you parents for allowing your children to participate in this fun evening. Although it seemed like just a lot of  fun, there was a lot going on on stage.
    - we got up the nerve up to stand in front of an audience for perhaps the first time and remember what to do while singing
    - sang a song, in another language, and perhaps 'improvised' in that language (we all did it a little, but Justin Gamble, BRAVO!) 
    - sang in a group, not all your friends, and supported each other
    - our brains were: following the beat of the music, matching pitch, singing words in pitch and rhythm, keeping the rhythm on an instrument while singing another rhythm with our words, following a director, listening to each other, remembering about a bow and to do it quickly (following my cue), some of us used a hand held mike for the first time, and smiling like it's nothing at all!
    Good job boys and girls, you did a really good job! 

     Enjoy the pictures!

Last Modified on February 8, 2021