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    Music for HIGH NOTE:  

    Sinner Man

    Bonse Aba Performance Practice no voices

    Bonse Aba 3-Part Mixed   with voices

    Bonse Aba Alto

    Bonse Aba Bass

    Bones Aba Sop

    Song of Peace

    It's a Swing Thing

    Performances this year-

    To be put on your calendar:

    check Walking Field Trip, Caroling at the White House Nursing Home.

    2 Winter Concert Dec. 18th

    2 Essex Pride at Livingston Mall (with Ms. Kane's Dance ensemble)- March 20, 2019

    2 High Note, 6 Flags- May 31st

    2 Spring Concert- June 4th

    2 American Young Voices- June 7th

    2 Gr. 7 graduation- June 25th


    This is last year...now, we look ahead!!

    These are our songs for Winter, 2018.

    2. A Song of Peace

    3. White Winter Hymnal, and here is Pentatonix singing their original: Here

    3. Deck the Halls   Altos...practice with me HERE.

    4. Solstice- click on the youtube link HERE!

    5. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree HERE

    6. Twelve Days of Christmas  HERE

    7. Winter Fantasy HERE

    8. Spin a Little Dreidl w/words HERE

        Spin a Little Dreidl without words HERE

    Practice Hand Clapping Here:

    Regualar Speed HERE

    Slow Speed  HERE

    Madeline Price helps us to learn it in chuncks! (Thank you Madeline!!) Click HERE!








    Vocal Club 
    Our super vocal club students are from grades 4-7. We prepare music that is a bit more challenging than the music we learn in class, and it is strictly ours. We perform as much as we can.  Last year we performed at-
    1. The HUUB, the Remembering Rosa Parks concert
    2.  Hispanic Heritage Celebration
    3. Winter Concert
    4. Black History Celebration
    5. Spring Concert
    6.  High Note Festival, Dorney Park, PA
    7.  American Young Voices, Newark Prudential Arena
    It was a lot of work, but I bet if you ask any of our students they would tell you it all was worth it!
    This year our students have the opportunity to sing with the Orange Pop Singers. (We sang at the Superintendent's forum!) I was asked to identify 10 of my best singers, and information about that will be forthcoming.
    Benefits of LAS VMC (Lincoln Avenue School Vocal Music Club) is
    • learning to have poise in front of an audience
    • confidence
    • learning to use our voices, (projecting and control) making public speaking an easier task
    • learning how to sight read music, how to match pitch, and how to sing in harmony
    • learning the 'hows' of singing. (yes, your voice is an instrument)
    • making a strong circle of friends

    If you have any information about this years Vocal Club, please email me through this website at


    Auditition Permission Slip for Vocal Club






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