• Throughout the school year the students will be using technology to enhance their learning experience. Each site can be logged in using the google account the school has created for them. Links to the following sites are on this page for quick access. Below are brief descriptions of each learning tool and how they will be used in the classroom. *log in ID's and Passwords are private however, below is a link that can show you what their ID or Password should look like if they forget. 
    Google Classroom -  Just like our social media, this site helps students communicate about class events, homework help, sharing ideas, and keeping up with their assignments. Google classroom will be updated on a daily basis at the beginning of the school day. Notifications can be sent via phone if google classroom app is downloaded to that particular phone. Comments, postings, and submitted assignments are monitored by the teacher. Some assignments may have to be completed and submitted via google classroom.
    Discovery Education - This site is the main hub for our textbook and other resources for our curriculum in OPA. Assignments, guided learning, research resources, and other means of furthering knowledge on a topic covered in class is on this site. Students will utilize this site to save a library for future science classes and will be asked to complete assignments.
    Readorium - Students will be using this site to enhance their reading skills along with learning new and exciting facts in science. This tool may be used as an assignment or for reading rewards.
    Class Codes and Log in Link (Updated after the start of each school year)