• Friday May 20              S is for Sunglasses wear your favorite sunglasses to school 
    Monday May 23           R is for Read Aloud and Red - Wear a little bit of red with your uniform
    Tuesday May 24           Q The Wedding of Q and U - dress up!
    Wednesday May 25      P is for Popsicle and Picnic 
    Thursday May 26         O is for Orange - Wear a little bit of orange with your uniform
    Friday May 27             N is for Noodle
    Wednesday June 1       M is for Mustache!!
    Thursday June 2           L is for Lions
    Friday June 3               K is for Kittens and Kites
    Tuesday June 7            J is for Jump Rope
    Wednesday June 8       I is for Ice Cream
    Thursday June 9          H is for Hat- Wear a hat to school!
    Friday   June 10          G is for Glitter
    Monday June 13         F is for Fingerpaint
    Tuesday June 14         E is for Elephant
    Wednesday June 15   D is for Doughnuts
    Thursday June 16       C is for CRAZY HAIR!! Wear your hair crazy
    Friday June 17           B is for bubbles
    Monday June 20        A is for Apples