• Grades K - 4 in General Music Class
    Spring, March, April, May 
    Looking forward to the Spring Concert. 
    For our general music classes, the first marking period was spent speaking about our main instrument- our voices.      We've discussed care of the instrument, how it works, where it is physically, how to warm it up and then present a beautiful sound. Along with reviewing the basics of our music core content and basic theory, we have been preparing for our annual winter concert for grades 5-7.  Because of our tremendous amount of elective students this year, we have not been able to include Grades K - 4 for our December concert but will attempt to include every grade in the Spring Concert in June.
    Primary grades have been working on their rhythms and symbols in a variety of ways:  we read them, speak and clap them, play them in arrangements, color seasonal pictures using color prompts, and dictate them. I can truly call my primary kids budding musicians as they learn more and more how to speak and read the language of music. (see pictures below)
    Grade 4 students have also reviewed vocal information, continually review basic theory and apply that knowledge to singing and playing simple percussion instruments. We are looking at composers as we go into the new year starting with Leroy Anderson, the famous composer known for his use of unusual instruments in the orchestra... like the typewriter! Today we listened to Sleigh Ride, and used a slapstick in class.  Ours is quite smaller than the full sized orchestral slapstick. (See the picture below). You can hear this great seasonal orchestral piece HERE while watching beautiful old images of horse drawn sleighs.  You can watch the President's Own United States Marine Chamber Orchestra playing Sleigh Ride HERE.... and then of course a full orchestra with John Williams & the Boston Pops playing Sleigh Ride HERE.  
Last Modified on February 8, 2021