• 1. Can the school nurse give my child over the counter medications (cough syrup or Tylenol) while in school?
       ALL medication to be given in school requires a written doctor's order and a written parent's consent. The medication should come with the pharmacy label intact with the student's name, doctor and how often to give the medication.
    Please see nurse for a medication administration form if needed.
    2. Can my child carry their own asthma inhaler in school? 
        If your child has a chronic condition like asthma or severe allergies the same documentation is needed: that is  parent's consent and      Physician's order. As well as a note from doctor that he/she has been trained to administer the inhaler.
        Please contact the school to discuss  the issue of your child carrying his own medication in school if you have any questions. 
    3. When should I keep my child home from school?
        Any child with Fever 100 and above
                                Constant coughing SHOULD be kept home.
       If a student is sent home for any of these reasons the student should be free from this condition for 24 hours before returning to school.
       If there is no improvement in your child's condition please take your child to the pediatrician and bring a note back to school with the student. 
    4. What happens when my child is sick or injured at school?
       Minor injuries and illnesses will be treated by the nurse BUT since the nurse cannot medicate without orders anything that requires    medication or requires immediate medical attention the parent will be notified.
    If needed the student will be taken to the nearest Emergency Room and the parent will be notified to meet us there. 
    5. How do I get a copy of my immunization  records?
      A copy can be printed for you at the nurse's office and a copy will be mailed to the school nurse if the student is transferring to a school in New Jersey. 
    6. Can a student who normally walks home from school be released to walk home alone while school is in session?
         NO. It is neither safe nor Allowed by law