• So who gets what and gives what?
    For now, homeroom teachers hand out tickets to any and all students caught doing something good (teachers should sign their tickets before handing any one out). The students, in turn, will write their names on their tickets and then hand them to their homeroom teachers (this can mean you, or, another teacher). The homeroom teachers will place the tickets into their ticket bins, ready for the Weekly Raffle.
    Can I hand out tickets to students outside of my homeroom class?
    Yes! Handing out tickets to any and all students caught doing something good is an important aspect of PBSIS. An added bonus? The more tickets you hand out, the greater chance you have of winning a monthly or quarterly prize!
    Where do students place their tickets once receiving one?
    Students will write their name on the ticket, and then place it into their homeroom teacher's ticket bin.
    I received a bin containing both blank tickets and prizes. What gives?
    Our budget is limited, and we were only able to afford one bin per homeroom teacher at this time. Our suggestion is to use an existing prize bin (if you have one) for the prizes, and the PBSIS bin for the tickets. If you do not have a spare bin, you should be able to place students' tickets on top of the prizes inside the PBSIS bin.
    When and where do I dump tickets from my classroom bin into the grade-level bin?
    The grade-level bins are located by the security desk at the front entrance of the Rosa building. Please dump the tickets from your classroom bin at the end of each week (after you raffle off a weekly prize for your homeroom class). We are working on a calendar to help.
    Do I still hand out tickets on Fridays?
    Yes! If you pull a name at the beginning of the day on Friday (with your homeroom class), then whatever tickets your students receive during the day will count toward the following week's raffle. If you pull the name right before 3 PM, well, then there you go!
    Can non-homeroom teachers and staff members also hand out tickets?
    Absolutely! As you can understand, launching a school-wide PBSIS program is a big undertaking, and we wanted to setup the homeroom teachers first (and set themselves up well) rather than spread ourselves too thin. Now that the program has begun its rollout, we are planning on ways to efficiently print and cutout tickets for non-homeroom teachers and staff members, including aides, security personnel, and encore teachers. We will need a month or so to begin this process. Thanks for your patience.