• Welcome students, parents, staff and community to a new and exciting school year at Orange Preparatory Academy - The "PREP". We are geared up for another year of exploration, investigation and growth. 

    I would like to extend a special welcome to the incoming class of 2023.  Your experiences here at the PREP are only limited by your imagination, determination, and motivation. 

    For our returning students, the Class of 2022, the maturity and wisdom you have gained through trial and error last year will be invaluable to navigating the now more familiar Prep and creating your path of success towards Orange High School. 

    Orange Preparatory Academy is committed to providing students with a comprehensive and engaging curriculum program. Students are offered differentiated and rigorous programs in mathematics, language arts literacy, science/STEM, social studies, world language, computer technology education, visual and performing arts, and physical education/health. 

    Keep in mind that as we continue paving the groundwork for success we still have much to accomplish.  Over the course of the year it will be important to establish your cornerstone of success by building supportive networks throughout the school community, maintaining strong academic skills and seeking service learning opportunities that build character and self-efficacy.   

    To our staff, it is an honor working with academic professionals who continually improve the quality of their practice and delivery for our students.  These efforts have resulted in students who are engaged in more rigorous academic courses with real world connections. Our work with students have resulted in increased leadership capacities and responsible decision-makers who have shown to be academic, emotionally mature and socially savvy students of the Prep community. 
    Orange Preparatory Academy is only as great as the individuals who occupy it, and the foundation that the educators of PREP have laid thus far looks toward a destiny of new heights of multi-faceted successes. I am proud to be a part of the PREP movement. 


    Let's "COME TOGETHER" for an amazing school year!
    Mr. Dana Gaines