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    Global Collaboration Day (2016) at Cleveland was a blast. Our students connected virtually with students in another part of the country and played an educational global game, Mystery Skype.  The game required students to guess where the class they are talking to are from, based on YES/NO questions about science/nature/geography.
    Our Skype visit was to the Sunset Elementary School in Miami, Florida.  Our fourth graders, students of Mrs. Hooks-Lee (ELA/SS), were excited, engaged, courteous, and well prepared.  After general introductions were made, our students reviewed their notes and began their questioning.  The answers received helped the students zoom into the southeast region of the United States. After guessing Florida and then Miami, they cheered and clapped.  
    Our "visitors" then started asking questions about our location within the hemisphere and proximity to the equator.  Eventually they reached North America and after questions about the East and West coasts, and states boarding the Atlantic Ocean, they arrived at New York.  They quickly crossed over to New Jersey and asked if we were in Atlantic City (see video 1).  Finally, when they asked if we were in Newark, we let them know they were "Hot", and we gave them hints about our city being named after a fruit.  They first guessed Cherry Hill and then East Orange (see video 2).  We informed them about "The Oranges" and finally invited them into Cleveland Street School.
         Afterwards the two classes greeted each other and exchanged questions about popular amusement parks (Disney and 6 Flags) and professional sports teams (Miami Dolphins and Heat and New Jersey Giants and Nets).
         It was exciting to meet and talk to complete strangers who shared our enthusiasm about the search and the opportunity to connect.    

         Special thanks to Ms. Daniels, Cleveland’s new Media Specialist, for assisting with our Skype connection in Cleveland's Media Center.  More Mystery Skypes will be scheduled for the near future through the Skypes for Education website,  https://education.skype.com/mysteryskype