Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Uranie Douyon-French 1-2 and 3 (3rd -7th Grade)


Park Ave School

Ms Douyon Uranie




I can be contacted through Class Dojo as well. (See the student's Homeroom teacher)



Google Classroom, Flipgrid and Padlet links


World Language 3: Tuesday Period 4-C, S1-Ms Minault

Access code:tkhzcri

Google Meet:


World Language 4: Monday- Period 5-A, Ms Beaghen


                                                                              Google Classroom

 Access code : jtmnf2z

World Language 4: Monday -Period 5-B, Mr. Osborne


Google Meet:


World Language 4:  Wednesday Period 5-A-Ms Layton

 Access code: jtmnf2z

 Google Meet:


World Language 5: Mr Levine Friday Period 2-B FY

Classroom code: azvrqhu

Google meet link:


World Language 5: Ms. Miqueli, Thursday, Period 2-A, FY

Google Classroom:

Classroom code: ixenoob

Google meet:


 World Language 6- Mr Johnrose Thursday, Period 3-C

Meet link:

flipgrid link: 

World Language 6: Mr Halligan Period 3-C Friday


Access code: 


 World Language 7, Ms Theall- Period 

Meet link :

World Language 7: Friday- Period 2-A, Ms Keogh's class

World Language 7: Mr Roga's class Period 2-B,

Google classroom code: 

  Students from 4th-7th grade,  please access your Google Classroom on a bi-weekly basis. Follow the messages posted on your Stream page to view your current assignments, as well as your Scheduled Google Meet.

I am sharing your homeroom teacher's Classdojo for further assignments /messages

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