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    Escribe/ write                                                                                              leer/ read
     This month, students will be learning about unit 3 "¿Cómo vivimos? " 
     On this unit: students are learning  about " los meses del año / months of the year, las estaciones del año/ seasons of the year, specially la primavera/ Spring time "
    Week of 03/16/20
    Open your Google classroom account, and complete given activities on this topic....follow instructions......

    This week agenda:


    03/16/20 – 03/20/20

    Hoy es martes 17 de marzo del 2020

    1. Learning Target:I can effectively write words, sentences, paragraphs, read stories, listen and speak about " la primavera," utilizing Spanish language.

    2.Essential question/ Do Now: What does “la primavera,” Spring time mean to you?

    3.Pre-requisite questions: answer only one question L, M, H

    L:Why is “la primavera” very important for us?

    M : What happens during spring time, what changes do you notice outside?

    H: How is primavera/Spring different than invierno/Winter? Explain, provide details

    What other questions can you ask about “la primavera.”?

    Pair-talk: students will share their ideas with your parents/ guardians .1 minute 

    4.Weekly Vocabulary: TPR(la primavera, lluvioso, cálido, abril, mayo , junio, flores, arboles, parque, verde, jugar, plantas) 

    Late homework, max 70%  
                                     Homework assignment  

     ALL assignments are posted on Google classroom and must be done each day.......no later than 03/20/20

    Week of 03/17/20 ....all homeworks are due by 03/20/20

    Descubre/Santillana B-Grade 3th.....See Ms. Mueses

    Descubre/Santillana C-Grade 4th....Go to Google classroom

    Descubre/Santillana D-Grade 5th.....Go to google classroom

    Descubre/Santillana E-Grade 6th.....Go to Google classroom

    Descubre/Santillana F-Grade 7th....Go to Google classroom