Ms. Miriam Martin

Phone: (973) 677-4100 Ext. 1605


Degrees and Certifications:

Master of Arts Instructional Technology

Ms. Miriam Martin


In December 2003, Ms. Martin received an MA in Instructional Technology from the Richard Stockton College of NJ.  Her graduate work focused on the development of technology based instructional programs designed to enhance the self-efficacy and academic motivation of Black and other minority children. This focus was prompted by the result of research and peer surveys that indicated low self-esteem and poor motivation as two of the leading causes of the academic achievement gap that exists between Black and Hispanic minority children and their White and Asian peers.

Among the programs developed by Ms. Martin are the Black History Challenge, and the Black Inventions Match Game. Both of these interactive programs are designed to teach the students about the significant accomplishments of notable African American achievers. Her most recent program, the Amistad WebQuest, is an ambitious undertaking that provides mini lessons in language arts, math, and science within the telling of the Amistad Adventure.

Ms. Martin currently works at Cleveland Street School in the Orange Township Public Schools district as a technology Coordinator. This position entails a leadership role in the integration of the NJCCC Standards for Technological Literacy into all curricular areas to improve learning outcomes and to provide more authentic and relevant learning experiences. 

On October 15, 2004, former New Jersey Governor, James E. McGreevey, appointed Ms. Martin to the New Jersey State Amistad Commission.