•                                                          Welcome Back Wildcats!!


    Hello, my name is Regina Luke and I am looking forward to working with your Scholar this year as his/her ESL.  This is my 2nd year teaching in Orange Public schools.  I have previously taught as an ESL teacher (English as a second language) in the state of Texas for 13yrs.  

    I am excited to work with your Scholar for several reasons.  I have a love for learning and I am passionate about the impotance of teaching students.  This year I will push into your child's class every day virtually.  I will with your scholar in a small group setting during their ELA and Social Studies period for minutes.  During this time, we will use several strategies to increase their English Language Acquisition in Speaking, Reading, Listening,  and Writing.    

    If you have any questions you may email at lukeregi@orange.k.nj.us.  I am available during my planning period 1:00pm-1:45pm and my office hours are 1:45pm-3:20pm.  Thank you for allowing me to be your child's teacher and I look forward to an Outstanding school year with you and your scholar!