The Office of Science exists to ensure that all students gain an appreciation and curiosity for science; sufficient knowledge of science and engineering to engage in meaningful discussions; ability to be lifelong learners of science; and skills to enter careers in science, engineering, and technology.  These goals are attainable as a result of our focus on hands-on, active investigations around core ideas in science, the development of deeper understanding over time, the importance of both knowledge and practice, the linkage of science education to students’ interests and experiences, as well as the promotion of equity. 


    Dr Tina Powell

    Director of Mathematics & Science


    Mr Shafeek Mohammed

    Supervisor of Science, Grades 8-12


    Ms Erika Hackett

    Supervisor of Science, Grades K-7


    Ms Nancy Lasher

    Science Teacher Coach, Grades 3-5 (All Schools)


    Ms Romaine Denis

    Administrative Assistant

Last Modified on September 8, 2016