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2020 - 2021 Back to School Classroom Codes


    2020 - 2021 Science Classroom Codes 

    Use the following codes to join our virtual classrooms for your corresponding grade level. These codes will be used throughout the duration of year. Google Classroom will be used for posting/submitting assignments and communication with students. Remind will be used for communication with families and parents.

    ***This is not optional. Both students and families are required to join Google Classroom and Remind.***

    Google Classroom Link

    Remind Link


    5th Grade

    Google Classroom: kp62zea

    Remind: 5th Grade Science @a4496f


    6th Grade

    Google Classroom Code: zu4znw3

    Remind: 6th Grade Science @hhke934


    7th Grade

    Google Classroom Code: 7r3anev

    Remind: 7th Grade Science @gke882