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    To:  Parent/Guardian


    From:  Mr. Willis


    I am happy to have your son/daughter in my class this 2019-2020 school year!  I expect a lot of hard work from your son/daughter but I know he/she can do it.  I believe in helping children to think critically and not just use memorization to take tests and to get good grades.  I want the best for your son/daughter so I am anticipating they will ask probing questions, make observations and try to relate what they are learning to real-life situations.  We will be going on some field trips this year to help students connect their school learning to life experiences.


    I hope that you would visit me from time to time to talk about your child’s progress, to see what they are learning, and to offer some suggestions.  Please continue to review your child’s homework and provide some assistance where needed but please let your child do their own work.  Please read to them every day and let them read to you.   I hope to also see you on some of the field trips and at all school activities.  Parents that are involved in their child’s education send a positive message to their child that what they do matter.


    Thanks again, for your anticipated support!


    Mr. Larry Willis


    Mr. Larry Willis

    Second Grade Teacher
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