Who Took a Byte?

March 2017


March 2017

LOOK WHO TOOK A BYTE in March 2017!

Chevon Sewell Kemp
Special Education
Grades 4-5

Tech Tool:           Women’s History Month websites

Title:                    Women in History

Subject:               Social Studies
Grades:               4th-5th

Lesson Plan

Essential Questions:  How did women change History?

Tech Integration        Chromebooks

Objectives:  Students will produce a newspaper article highlighting one important event in a women's history. Students will use photographs and history to understand the evolution women's roles and the social reaction to equality movements.

Activities:  Provide an overview of the roles of women throughout U.S. history. Encourage students to explore the timeline with a partner and talk about key themes they notice. Students can also take notes on dates or events that they believe to be important. Encourage them to ask questions about specific events, laws or historical figures. Students will choose a women they would like to learn more about After researching, students will chose an event form the women's life and create a short article about the woman.

Differentiation :
4:students will work with partner
2: students will research form a guided list of questions
1:students will research form a guided list of questions

Resources:  http://www.timeforkids.com/minisite/womens-history-month

Authentic: newspaper article

Homework:  Interview your woman of choice and bring back your notes

Standards 3.05.W.A.5.01.B;   3.05.W.A.5.02.A;   3.05.W.B.5.04;   3.05.W.C.5.07